Conditions in addons.make

Is there a way to have conditions in an addons.make file? I would like to have something that knows if I am on windows to use spout and if I am on OSX to use syphon, and I am trying to keep the same structure for this application. I did think about creating an ofxTextureSharing abstraction, but am of course looking for an easy way out.

I think you can add both Syphon and Spout in the addons.make but in the ofApp.h (and ofApp.cpp) make separate

#include "ofxSyphon.h"
#else TARGET_WIN64
#include "ofxSpout.h"

and other targeted chunks like that.

I constantly build apps on OSX which are for the Raspberry Pi and have ofxGPIO in the addons.make (+ I have that downloaded into my OS X addons folder as well) and as long as I don’t try to run those specific bits of code on my Mac, everything runs fine.

I have been using the macros like this for some time, but have noticed some addons will not be ignored (if they add search paths to library include files that are incompatible with the OS). I guess, without conditions in the addons.make it is best just to keep them out of the addons folder.