computer vision slides/labs/code w/ openframeworks + ofxopencv + opencv 2.2.0

Hi all,

I’ve just finished a 3 week course at Goldsmiths, University of London teaching Computer Vision for game designers and computational artists that may or may not have been familiar with openFrameworks and coding in C++. The course website includes lecture slides, lab sheets, and sample code solutions for the labs. The topics we discussed were:

Image Acquisition
Pixel Representation
Frame Differencing
Image Features
Planar Object Detection
Image Filtering/Convolution
Background Subtraction
Background Modeling
Blob Tracking
Using the C++ interface of OpenCV

Feel free to browse and comment!


These are great- thanks for sharing! There is an awesome class hidden in the forum that does great with foreground subtraction. I used it for almost exactly the same way as your example (extracting cars from an expressway)

wow, really incredible collection. good set of topics to cover. i would have just added face tracking and that’s pretty much everything important.

Thanks both yes would have liked to gone over face tracking as well but, time… some students still managed to play with it, picking up jason’s code + ofxFaceTracker.

I’ve been reading the openCV book for some time and messing C++ straight with it, but I was not yet able to goto this level that this workshop teaches. Thanks for sharing, I learned a lot. I spent hours understanding the different implementations. The audio addons didn’t work for me but I was more concerned with the cv part so I might not have put enough attention to it. Thank you again.