Computer Vision + Interactive Experiences in San Francisco

We are looking for a Computer Vision Engineer who wants to make Interactive Experiences. Someone with a strong computer vision background and a passion for creating interactive experiences that mix computer graphics, computer interaction, and creativity. You should be familiar with depth data and real-time algorithms to process it. You would join the Emerging Experiences practice - a group of dreamers, designers and developers at Razorfish who create transformative experiences that live at the intersection of physical and digital worlds.

Razorfish is a digital agency which connects the public to some of the largest brands. Razorfish has a dedicated Emerging Experiences (EE) practice focused on driving customer engagement in the physical world through interactive experiences. Our EE team in San Francisco has an innovation lab where we tinker and deliver experiences using the latest cameras, VR, AR, multi-touch, and IoT technologies.

The EE team focuses on developing commercial visions and implementations of:

  • Multi-touch and gesture based experiences (all sizes and formats)
  • Depth, IR, and high resolution camera based experiences
  • AR/VR experiences
  • Connected, multi-channel experiences
  • Client innovation
  • Human Computer Interactions (HCI)
  • Digital Out Of Home (DOOH)
  • Retail, automotive, hospitality, CPG, financial services and other industry focused experiences

Core Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Work with team members to implement computer vision algorithms to process depth camera data.
  • Work with team members to code innovative experiences for our clients that leverage new emerging technologies.
  • Work to maintain and improve our innovation lab by developing and supporting creative prototypes and the supporting systems.
  • Work collaboratively with Creative and other team members to ideate, educate, develop, and deliver projects.

Required Skills/Knowledge/Experience:

  • Advanced degree in Computer Vision / Machine learning or equivalent experience
  • 3+ years developing algorithms in computer vision and or machine learning systems
  • Knowledge or experience developing real-time data processing algorithms
  • Proficient in C++ and experience with OpenGL or DirectX
  • Experience with Cinder / OpenFrameworks or Game Development Environments such as Unity would be preferred
  • Exposure to GPGPU and shaders
  • Knowledge of the software requirements and development lifecycle
  • Strong communications skills (both written and oral) and an eye for detail

How To Apply:
Please send resume and/or any work samples to Nick Easlick at