Computer to computer communication over USB ?

do you know of any good way to establish a serial communication between two machines using a USB cable ? How could I use OF to send data through the USB cable?


when working on two computer i use this KVM switch style device.
i press key shortcut to switch between the two computer, even can copy data.
but i am not sure if it would work with your special situation.

cheers. mh thats more of a file transfer / video service. What I need is like a serial protocol - kind of equivalent to TCP - over USB… umh…

Just to double check, are you unable to use something like Ethernet, Firewire, Thunderbolt, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth?

usb-ethernet dongles, and connect using standard network cable. should go pretty fast.
there is no protocol USB-USB as far as I know.

I cannot use ethernet as I already have a network card connecting the device to the server and - more importantly - I do not want to setup a network/DNS table/etc. to connect the two devices.
I will have around 100 of units comprising a RaspberryPi <-> PC.
The RaspberryPi will handle hardware input/output (lights, speakers, fingerpint readers, QR readers, …) and the PC will display some interactive graphics.
Hence I need the simplest and most reliable way of sending/receiving data between the Pi and the PC. I think the options are either Ethernet or USB. WIth the Ethernet I already did it and it’s really high maintenance, so this time I want to explore the USB way.
Is it possible there is no USB-USB data communication protocol that can be implemented ?!

PS: I have been thinking of using RF/bluetooth/etc. but anything using waves is problematic in public spaces with high number of radio devices.


I work a lot with arduino and I transfer all that info with the serial bus implemented through USB with FTDI drivers. Arduino supports this with an onboard chip, I dont know if the Raspberry PI supports this out of the box but maybe you can get to a software solution with any of the distros that it accepts.

just my point.

Hi Leo_Bolster,
I also use the FTDI blaster to program the Arduino but here Im talking about a continuous two-way communication… Have you been using the FTDI programmer to send/receive data between the computer and Arduino while the sketch is running ?! If so can you point me to an example of code ?


i was thinking that maybe two of these usb to rs485 devices could work.
one is a sender the other receiver, or both are transceivers.