Computer operator / coder required for PixelPyros

Hi all!

I’m looking for someone to run the computers in a 10 day installation of PixelPyros ( in Abu Dhabi flying out 21st March returning 6th April. (The Mother of the Nation festival - by all accounts a nice event)

Ideal candidate :

Grasps the basics of CV calibration for infra red motion detection
Network troubleshooting
Has (or would like) experience using lasers
Doesn’t get stressed out in a pinch, happy to muck-in as part of a team
Can attend a 1 day training session in Brighton UK early in March.
Preferably an openFrameworks C++ Xcode coder but not essential
Preferably lives in Brighton / London / UK, but could possibly work around it.
Preferably uses OSX, and has a decent mac laptop.

I have a good budget.

Drop me a mail



[note - edited for dates!]