Computational Arts MA @ Goldsmiths - YES still recruiting!

Hi everyone,

Just dropping a quick email for those interested in exploring creative computation and computational art. The MA/MFA in Computational Arts is still actively recruiting for the September 2017 intake - a year truly full of promise! If the following excite you, why not apply to join us?

Recent developments on the MA/MFA
We secured acclaimed artist and researcher Professor Atau Tanaka to run summer crit sessions and workshops. These regular sessions provide students with the technical and conceptual support they need to complete their final projects that go on display in the September exhibition.

It’s been a busy month for students as they worked to complete their assignments for their modules. One of the ones that caused controversy in the Twitter-sphere was Freddie Hong’s The door that opens when you smile which uses computer vision, machine learning, physical computing and fabricating - skills he picked up since joining. Freddie, like most of incoming students did not know how to program before signing up.

During our recent field trip to the Netherlands a team from the MA/MFA won the creative hackathon we participated in. Read all about it here!

You can follow the MA/MFA’s news by visiting the MA blog. We’re really looking forward to welcome you in September. As always, if you have any questions get in touch with me.

Dr Theodoros Papatheodorou
Computational Arts MA/MFA Programme Leader