Computational Arts @ Goldsmiths, University of London

Hi everyone,

Just dropping a line to say that the department of Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London, is looking to recruit a few more artist-hackers for next year’s cohort at the MA/MFA in Computational Arts (starting Sept 2017).

What will you learn?
Using openFrameworks, Arduino, Processing you’ll learn machine learning, computer vision, generative art, genetic algorithms, audio-visual programming and so much more in order to make interactive installations, physical objects, robots, phone apps, games etc. Visit the link above for a list of the courses on offer.

Who will teach you?
All teaching staff are creative practitioners themselves. You’ll learn, among others, from people like Phoenix Perry (great openFrameworks contributor), Mick Grierson who led the world’s first MOOC in Creative Coding, Rebecca Fiebrink who runs the popular Kadenze course on Machine Learning for Musicians and Artists and myself, founder of Random Quark. All members of staff are academics but maintain a strong creative practice too!
Furthermore, you’ll get regular crit sessions from guests like Memo Akten and Patrick Tresset

What do our students do?
Greg White was in the news for his AI piece where “virtual performers” take autonomous decisions in real time as they perform Riley’s “In C”. Greg named his piece In C++. Hadeel worked on a smart glove that translates sign language to sounds and recently won a prestigious hackathon in Korea. Others used genetic algorithms as part of a live performance or used computer vision to make painting robots.

Where will you work?
You’ll be working in state of the art facilities. Goldsmiths Computing unveiled a brand new fabrication space equipped with twelve 3D printers, a £60k laser cutter and a fully stocked electronics lab, all freely accessible to MA/MFA students.

If this is the kind of work you’d love to be doing, in a interdisciplinary, creative department, please get in touch!

More info on how to apply go here

If you have questions let me know by writing to

Dr Theodoros Papatheodorou
Lecturer in Computational Arts
Computational Arts MA/MFA Programme Leader

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