Computational art short talks // discussion // performances // free drinks (Goldsmiths, London)


Creative Machine 2 presents a series of talks on art, machine learning, creative machines, digital art, curation, the art market and more. Athe the end of the talks, join us for drinks and live performances.


See below for a provisional list of distinguished speakers and panelists.

2:30-2:50 Steven Fletcher - from Artists Development Agency
Topic: “Christie’s auction AI and the Art Market”

2:50-3:10 Anna Frants - artist, curator
Topic: “Cyland MediaArtLab: catalyst for creative technology”

3:10-3:30 Alexandra Dementieva - artist
Topic: “My arts practice”

3:30-3:50 coffee / comfort break

3:50-4:10 Andy Lomas - artist, mathematician
Topic: “Vase forms: Creating with Emergence”

4:10-4:30 Guido Salimbeni - artist
Topic: “Introduction to Machine Learning for Artists”

4:30-4:50 Jonas Otto ( - creative technologist at
Topic: “Generative techniques for design”

4:50-5:10 coffee / comfort break

5:10-5:30 Francesca Franco - art historian
Topic: “On the history of digital art”

5:30-5:50 Patricia Falcao - Tate gallery
Topic: “Preserving software-based art”

5:50-6:10 Nick Rothwell - creative coder, artist
Topic: “Technology vs. Creative Process”

6:10-6:30 coffee / comfort break
6:30-7:30 panel discussion
7:30-8:30 drinks + performances

panel discussion members:
Rachel Falconer - Goldsmiths Digital Studios
Professor William Latham - Organiser of the Creative Machine 2 exhibition
Stephen Beckett - Virtual Reality producer for BBC, reporter and producer for BBC’s Click.

Chaired by:New Scientist Culture Editor, Simon Ings

The series of talks is organised by senior lecturer of computational art at Goldsmiths, Dr. Theo Papatheodorou

The talks are part of a series of events taking place during the Creative Machine 2 exhibition organised by CYLAND MediaArtLab and Goldsmiths, University of London and curated by William Latham, Anna Frants, Elena Gubanova, Frederic Fol Leymarie