complete newbie

ok so im a complete new guy to this. i never thought in a million years i would be using c++ but here i am amazed by what people are doing with it and im ready and willing to learn.

so where do i start?

im on a mac i have xcode ive downloaded the library…now what ha ha

im looking at the learn c++ in 5 days things but not sure how to use xcode etc

any help tips etc appreciated

This is where I started and it is very helpful

BTW good luck with the 5 day thing :shock:


Agreat way to start is by modifying the program examples that come with Of.

Go through all the examples trying to understand the logics and modify just for fun and learning.

maybe this start up guide is helpful?…-t-Up-Guide

it’s still very much a work in progress, so feedback and suggestions about what might be useful is helpful. It’s goal is to give a sense of what how the library is structured and to help get you familiar with what you will see when you open xcode, etc…

take care!