"variable was not declared in this scope" issue

Hi everyone!, I have oF 0.8.4 installed, but I want to try the 0.9.2 in Ubuntu 12.04 64 bits, which it seems to work.
If Irun the script, I get the following error related to the 'GL_TEXTURE_SWIZZLE_ variables:

/home/kovicic/of9/libs/openFrameworks/gl/ofTexture.cpp:500:44: error: ‘GL_TEXTURE_SWIZZLE_R’ was not declared in this scope
glTexParameteri(texData.textureTarget, GL_TEXTURE_SWIZZLE_R, GL_RED);

oF is working fine.



you are missing some openGL header files where GL_TEXTURE_SWIZZLE_* are declared.
Did you run the scripts at openFrameworksFolder/scripts/linux/ubuntu before trying this?

@roymacdonald thanks for your response. I should have given more information.

Actually I run the scripts, I have the version 0.8.4 installed since a while and is working fine (so the files are there), but I need to upgrade oF in order to use some addons.

The first thing I did was to check if I had the header files placed where they are supposed to be for 0.9.2, and they are.
The conflicts with the variables I mentioned are placed in the ofTexture.cpp file.

PD: I tend to think the problem could the places where the script expects the include directories to be.

are you using git to manage the different OF versions or just different directories?
if the latter, think of each folder as an independent thing. So, copy your project from v0.8.4 to v.0.9.2 folder, and use the project generator to update it. Also copy the necessary addons. and remember to run the scripts in scripts/linux/ubuntu
having things installed in one OF folder will not mean that these will be found by the projects on a different OF folder.

@roymacdonald I have each version in independent folders. I am aware they are isolated versions and therefore each one needs its own addons, files, etc.
I told I have 0.8.2 version installed and working to clarify I have the openGL files properly installed.
The problem is when I am at the very start and I need to compile OF to generate the files that go under the openframeworkcompiled folder

First I installed the dependencies, then ./, and here is when the problem comes.

I get it . I’m not on a linux machine right now so I cannot try it.
I guess that the right person to give you a better solution is @arturo

Thanks anyway, best!

this is probably cause your glew version is too old, you can try removing the one from the system with sudo apt-get remove libglew-dev and installing it by compiling the latest version from source. right now all our tests for linux run on 14.04 the latest LTS so that’s the latest officially supported version

thanks @arturo, actually I did an installation from a PPA for precise.
I will do what you said.