Compiling on one computer, crashes on any other

So I’ve been using oF for about a month and a half now, and everything’s been going well, except when I try and run the program on other people’s computers, it immediately crashes. It works if I recompile it on the target machine.

At first I thought it was the fact I had -march=native enabled, but I disabled that and it did not fix it. I also disabled -O2 and that didn’t fix it either.

What is the problem with my settings/code/etc? It even happens in the emptyExample, so I know its not my code specifically.

What platform are you compiling for?

I am compiling on Windows 7 with Codeblocks and I am compiling to Windows 7 and Windows 8 (it has worked on neither, unless I recompile)

Hm. Other than making sure that all of the accompanying dlls are transferred, I’m not sure. for ofSketch, I compile it using ofMingGW ( It seems to run alright across platforms (7, 8, 8.1). Theoretically it should be very similar to codeblocks (it uses the same mingw version), but there are some slight differences as it uses the makefile system …

Well its not that it won’t run. If I recompile on the target machine, it works perfectly. This means that something is causing machine-dependent code to be generated, and I’m not sure what.

it’s usually DLLs and data folder first – when it crashes, do get any useful info? If you run it from the command line, does it say anything? Can you try compiling a simple OF example and move it from one machine to another?

There have always been issues with visual studio versions, moving it to another computer because of different versions of their run time dlls, etc, but with codeblocks / mingw there shouldn’t be big dependencies.

I’d look in event viewer and see if there’s a crash info

might be a useful starting place?

@zach No, the program just crashes with the generic “This program has stopped responding” dialog. Also, It does the same thing with the empty example that comes with oF. It’s not the DLLs because 1: I copy the whole bin folder from my codeblocks project and 2: I have tried it on machines with codeblocks already installed, so its not any codeblocks-specific DLLs.

I will take a look at the link you sent.