Compiling older oF 0.06 apps on OSX


I’ve got a few oF applications I haven’t touched in a while
and I can’t seem to compile them now. The first problem
was XCode was displaying a missing SDK (10.4) and I switched
to 10.6, but now I get about 68 errors from ofSoundPlayer, all
of them related to FMOD. I’ve made sure that fmodex is in the
libs/core libraries folder and even added the paths to the project’s
Header Search Paths, but still can’t get the project to compile.

How can I get past this issue and compile the project ?


Try to create a new Xcode project with your existing source files.

Copy emptyExample project from OF007.
Copy your existing source files into the src dir.
Open the new Xcode project and add the addons that you were using in the old project.

This might get you some help as well.