compiling ofxQTKitVideoPlayer

Hi all,
for part of an install I am working on I need to play some 1920x1080 quicktimes. Across many codec setups the files I have look jerky with the current player so I was hoping to use the ofxQTKitVideoPlayer from the repo. However, whenever I try to compile the demo I get errors like:

/Applications/_of/OpenFrameworks.git/apps/sketches/ofxQTKitVideoPlayer/src/testApp.h:70:0 /Applications/_of/OpenFrameworks.git/apps/sketches/ofxQTKitVideoPlayer/src/testApp.h:70: error: cannot declare field 'testApp::testMovie' to be of abstract type 'ofxQTKitVideoPlayer'  
/Applications/_of/OpenFrameworks.git/apps/sketches/ofxQTKitVideoPlayer/addons/ofxQTKitMoviePlayer/ofxQTKitVideoPlayer.h:67:0 /Applications/_of/OpenFrameworks.git/apps/sketches/ofxQTKitVideoPlayer/addons/ofxQTKitMoviePlayer/ofxQTKitVideoPlayer.h:67: note:   because the following virtual functions are pure within 'ofxQTKitVideoPlayer':  
../../../libs/openFrameworks/types/ofBaseTypes.h:53:0 ../../../libs/openFrameworks/types/ofBaseTypes.h:53: note: 	virtual void ofBaseUpdates::update()  
../../../libs/openFrameworks/types/ofBaseTypes.h:144:0 ../../../libs/openFrameworks/types/ofBaseTypes.h:144: note: 	virtual void ofBaseVideoPlayer::close()  

Any tips?

you using OF 0062?

I normally would but for this I assumed I had to check out the latest OF from github.

I am using it with 0062 without any issues. I think a lot of video stuff is changing for 007 which may be causing your errors

thanks man, tried with 062 and works - hadn’t come across it before until spotting it in the repo dev examples.