compiling ofxKinect into a framework in Xcode

Hello all,

I’m very interested in creating an ofxKinect framework for Mac that I can access from another program to grab images from the Kinect. However, I’m completely clueless about Xcode.

In Terminal I entered:

git clone git://
cd openFrameworks/addons
git clone git://

So I have a fresh copy of openFrameworks and ofxKinect. Now I open up ofxKinect.xcodeproj from the addons/ofxKinect/example folder. I’d like to change this Xcode project to build something like ofxKinect.framework so I can access the public functions getPixels(), open(), close(), etc. from another program. Could anybody give me some pointers on how to procede?

I’m on Mac OS X 10.6.7 with Xcode 4

Thank you very much,

This may sound dumb but i most often do the opposite. I take an ofx project in Xcode and port a command line application to it. That way all the Xcode ofx stuff is guaranteed to work. It’s not to difficult and typically just means dragging the src code and headers in to the project along with copying any makefile flags from the make file to the relevant area of the xcode project settings.

Ok let me see if I can follow…

If I created a command line application, how could I pass data from the Kinect to another program? In this case the other program is Labview where I want to do some image processing on the images from the Kinect.