compiling ofBoxExample with makefile from scratch

I want to see what an OF is. I am trying to compile ofBoxExample from the fresh clone. I do:

git clone [](  
cd openFrameworks  
chmod +x ./scripts/linux/  
cd apps/examples/ofBoxExample  

and it stops with

make: *** No rule to make target `../../../libs/openFrameworksCompiled/lib/linux/libopenFrameworks.a', needed by `bin/ofBoxExample'.  Stop.  

Why there is no rule? Can this message be improved to tell me what to make next (or make required stuff automatically)?

One more question (I am not C++ expert, but still). ofBoxExample probably doesn’t require all the features of openFrameworks and their dependencies. But precompiled libopenFrameworks.a doesn’t know about what features are needed by ofBoxExample, so it probably comes with pretty much everything included. Therefore I must have all the dependencies for all the stuff openFrameworks theoretically supports to compile this lib (and run ofBoxExample as a result). Is that right?

run the script from the /scripts/linux/ folder with root privileges.

yeah you are right with your second question, but you should get all dependencies with the script because it will compile the needed OF lib.

the rationale for our answer to the second question: it makes more sense to compile a single library and have slightly bloated binaries than it does to constantly recompile the necessary parts of OF.

in other words, time is more important than megabytes :slight_smile: