Compiling of0.9.8 with Ubuntu 18.04

I am trying to compile of0.9.8 with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Unfortunately something is wrong, when trying one of the supplied examples (with make from terminal) the linker spits a lot of errors like this one:

/usr/bin/x86_64-linux-gnu-ld: /home/dodo/of_v0.9.8_linux64_release/libs/poco/lib/linux64/libPocoNetSSL.a(ConsoleCertificateHandler.o): relocation R_X86_64_32S against symbol `_ZTVN4Poco3Net25ConsoleCertificateHandlerE' can not be used when making a PIE object; recompile with -fPIC

Is there a fix for this? My project (that runs fine on Ubuntu 16.04) is quite complex and porting it to OF 0.10 is a task that I’d rather avoid if possible.

thanks for helping

This was fixed in the 0.9.8 Nightly version (after the release) but I don’t know if that is available somewhere.

This crossed my mind but I couldn’t find the 0.9.8 nightly build anymore to download :frowning:

It seems that the “previous versions” section of the website only has the stable ones

Yeah, I know, it’s annoying :frowning:

I had the same issue earlier but that was for the rPi/Arm version but luckily I found it in my Time Machine backups.

Maybe someone has it and can send it to you. All the best!

Hey, the Arm version of the 0.9.8 Nightly does seem to have the Poco/linux64 folder in it. Worth a shot? I’ve uploaded it (link below), try replacing the libs/poco folder with this?

Edit: At least I think this is the Arm 0.9.8 version that’s on my computer atm. If it’s not I can still get it from my rPi but for that you’ll have to wait till I’m home.

Edit 2: Link Removed Yes, sorry, it looks like the 0.9.8 release version and not the nightly version. I can look for the nightly later tonight and if it has the Linux64 Poco in it, I’ll upload it.

Hi! Did you get this running? I’ve got pretty the same problem.

Still working on it, no luck so far.

Does anybody have a copy of one of the latest 0.9.8 nightly builds somewhere? I suppose it must be in the git repository but I could not find it, only the stable 0.9.8 is tagged.

not sure what you mean by latest 0.9.8 nightly builds. the nightly builds are really for the next release in this case 0.10, they are built every night and the latest would be practically the same as the current 0.10 release

in the git repo we tag every release but if you know which day was the nightly you were using from you can just go back in the repo to that day and try to use that although installing the external dependencies can be problematic

Yes, what you say makes much sense :slight_smile:

Do you have an idea of what is causing the 0.9.8 build to break on Ubuntu 18.04? ayruos says it has been fixed at some point, I could try to check the git log for that

i think it’s something related with poco and openssl, i would try substituting poco with the libraries that come with 0.10

Thanks, I did not try the poco libraries since porting the app to 0.10.0 proved to be an easy task. The only problem I had was with ofxLibwebsockets that had to be compiled without SSL (that I don’t need anyway)

@parmendil I suggest you try of10.0.0 too