compiling libs and link/include


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but you can use it in any other platform by compiling the needed libraries

I confess i met troubles and misunderstanding (during my aventure trying to port DMX libs for windows…) with this concept of “compiling libraries”

I think you mean that “compiling libraries” is taking the sources and do files (as xxxx.a or xxxxx.dll, etc. ), and in a second time to link thos files in the project ???

How to create that .a files ? how or with which tools can we verify the contents of that files ?
in a second question
Is it “standard” way to do addons and post it ?

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yes, compiling a library is getting all it’s code and “translating” it to machine code (that’s what compiling is no matter if its a library or an executable). In the case of a library you only compile it, and put all that code in a binary .a or .dll (.so or .dylib in linux and osx) then later you can use that compiled code from an executable without needing to compile it again by liniking the library with the rest of the code of that exec.

each library uses it’s own tools, Makefiles, cmake, in windows some have visual studio projects… so depending on the library you will need to use one method or another. More and more libraries begin to use cmake now.

Also visual studio and mingw libraries are not compatible so if you will need to compile with the one you are going to use.

In windows compiling libraries is usually a pain in the ass, for mingw you’ll need to have msys in order to be able to compile libraries that have makefiles. Cmake also generates msys makefiles. For visual studio if the project doesn’t use cmake or has already a visual studio project you’ll need to create a library project yourself.