Compiling from OSX to Windows/Linux


I’m a C++ n00b, so please bare with me.
So far I see that if I want to compile an oF app to windows I must do
the compiling on Windows, similar for Linux.
I’ve tried using virtual machines, but they take a lot of resources and video
emulation isn’t great.

I was wondering if there any options out there.
I did a bit of googling and found this:

Has anyone tried this ? Would it be possible to use something like this to compile oF
apps for Windows/Linux from OSX ?

Currently I’ve downloaded they’re pkg files, installed and added the bin paths to .bash_profile,
but initially calling i386-mingw32-gcc / i386-mingw32-g++ didn’t work.
After installing i386-mingw32-gcc using MacPorts calling i386-mingw32-gcc from Terminal
worked, I imagine it must’ve been some dependencies.

There’s a hello world sample provided

#include <iostream>  
using namespace std ;  
int main (void) {  
  cout << "Hello world !" << endl ;  
  return 0 ;  

with a makefile, but I haven’t managed to run it.
I’ve updated TOOL_DIR to match the path I’ve used:

#                                                                              *  
# C + +    H E L L O W O R L D    F O R    M I N G W 3 2    O N    M A C O S X *  
#                                                                            *  
#   Updated for Release 2                                                    *  
#                                                                              *  
TOOL_DIR := /usr/local/i386-mingw32-4.3.0/bin  
SOURCES := hello_world.cpp  
OBJECTS_DIR := objects  
EXECUTABLE := hello_world_in_cpp.exe  
ALL_OBJECT_FILES := $(patsubst %, $(OBJECTS_DIR)/%.o, $(SOURCES))  
#--- Make object dir  
	mkdir $(OBJECTS_DIR)  
#--- C++ compile : use gcc  
    $(TOOL_DIR)/i386-mingw32-gcc -c $< -o $@  
#--- C++ link : use g++  
    $(TOOL_DIR)/i386-mingw32-g++ $< -o $@  
    $(TOOL_DIR)/i386-mingw32-strip --strip-all $@  
	rm -f $(EXECUTABLE)  
	rm -Rf $(OBJECTS_DIR)/  

but I get this error:

makefile:27: *** missing separator.  Stop.  

and I don’t know what it means :frowning:
Any hints/tips ?