Compiling for ARM from intel mac

I tried a quick test to distribute an app I am buidling on my OSX intel based system for other arm systems. It gets blocked by the OS but using the security and privacy settings in system preferences I can allow the app to launch, however it crashes straight away. I see
//:configuration = Release ARCHS = $(ARCHS_STANDARD) - this evaluates to Apple Sillicon and Intel

I also have Build active architectures set to False so it should build for both archs from my Intel machine. Does anyone have any experience in this or know if it is possible to build for silicon from an intel machine.



Hey @fresla - you might need to change the MyMac to AnyMac in the top of Xcode.

You might also need to notarize unfortunately if you want to distribute apps to other Macs.

Are you able to get the crash report when it crashes?

I lost the access to the Apple silicone machine. I have a bit of time so I will try these steps. The notorising seems a bit of a pain yet unsurprising for Apple.

If it is a small team you have to distribute your app you can use Syncthing also. it is open source peer to peer shared folder system.
I’ve been using this as a way of keeping a runnable macOS app between multiple computers

Thanks. Does this do something for the notarising? Or for the resources access (I am reading and writing settings from a json file and at the moment- I guess because the app is unsigned, I have to get the other users who are not technical at all, to move the app out and back into its folder as well as going through the security and privacy permissions to allow it to run. This is ok for collaborators but a bit of a hassle for others who are novice computer users.

Apps transferred with Syncthing behaves the same way they behave in your machine, so no translocation or having to allow anything on system preferences. I’m not sure how it works but I suppose some particular attributes from the files or folders are preserved this way.
I never had to sign or notarize anything