Compiling EyeWriter 2.0 in Lion with Xcode 4.6.3

This is the website where it shows you how to create the eye writer:

This is the code:

However, when I compile it it states that: No member named ‘v’ in ‘ofxVec3f’.
I was wondering if it’s because the original code was created with 10.5(Leopard)? Do I need to change something?
This is part of the ofxMatrix4x4.h file
Here is an example that is giving me an error:

inline void ofxMatrix4x4::postMultTranslate( const ofxVec3f& v ) {
	for (unsigned i = 0; i < 3; ++i) {
		float tmp = v.v[i];
		if (tmp == 0)
		_mat[0][i] += tmp * _mat[0][3];
		_mat[1][i] += tmp * _mat[1][3];
		_mat[2][i] += tmp * _mat[2][3];
		_mat[3][i] += tmp * _mat[3][3];

Unfortunately this post is 5 years old… but just ran into the same bug while trying to compile this using OF 0.8.4, XCode 6.1, OS 10.9.5. Exact same thing, highlighting these v.v[i] lines. Looked at the files it references and can’t find a ofxVec3f anywhere that has a .v component. In this case, there is one with .x .y .z + .w – tried swapping the v’s to w’s just incase that was the bug, but no go. Very curious about testing out this newer version of EyeWriter for someone who can’t talk after an accident and I’m sure would want to communicate. Any tips for fixing would be much appreciated!