Compiler vs IDE

Is OF tied to an IDE in anyway? It was just a bit confusing when it says:
“We are currently in pre-release. you can download a version suitable for your compiler here:”

My compiler is linux gcc/g++, I didn’t see that anyway. If I didn’t know what code blocks was, I would have been very confused. Maybe this wording can be changed to say something about this and explain a little bit about the link to the IDE?

Just my 2 cents.


I figured out how the spam bot is working! At least, partially. The complete text of the last post is also here:

I wonder how they select it?

Also: hi David :slight_smile: I think most people coming to OF are just learning the terms “compiler” and “IDE”, so they probably don’t notice this discrepancy. But that means it’s all the more important to get correct…

Nasty! Those things are getting smarter. Nice spotting Kyle.