Compiler issue with c files

I am sorry this issue got bumped up when I re-tagged it; wasn’t my intent. However, the issue still exists for me, and if anyone has any insight, I’d greatly appreciate it. Very briefly: When compiling c files that may be part of an add-on (at least on Android, have not tried on other platforms), the error mentioned below is encountered:

error: invalid argument ‘-std=c++14’ not allowed with ‘C/ObjC’

This is not specific to any particular add-on, just c files. Original message follows below:

Hi all,

When compiling c files (for example with the ofxSqliteCpp add-on), I am getting the following compiler error:

error: invalid argument ‘-std=c++14’ not allowed with ‘C/ObjC’

Note: this is not specific to the sqlitecpp addon – a number of my own add-ons are complaining with the same error when compiling c files.

Additionally, please note, all was compiling correctly with OF 0.9.3 (though it could be a slightly earlier release).

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

I managed to solve the issue by adding:

PLATFORM_CXXFLAGS = -Wall -std=c++14

to, and removing the -std=c++14 flag from PLATFORM_CFLAGS.

can you poen an issue in github with the solution or even better a pull request?

Sure, will do pull request tomorrow. I had opened another issue as well – will try and do a pull request for that too.

that would be great, thanks!