Compiled version of needed iphone libs

Can anyone provide a compiled version of the libraries that ofXiphone requires?

I have downloaded the libraries, but i did not have anyluck with the make files, and i figure you guys already have them so maybe someone would be so kind as to provide them?

namely they are:



Thanks a lot in advance, i’m new to openframeworks but not new to iphone development.


all the libraries are included in whatever distribution of ofxiPhone you download.

for the latest version, grab:

(just hit download source, don’t maneuver to the ofxiphone addon. It’s part of and requires openFrameworks)


I’m so close, the only one thing giving me problems is the FreeType library,
For example, ofTrueTypeFont has an include like this:

#include <freetype/config/ftheader.h>Where should the file be placed so that it could find it?