compile troubles on fresh intallation of code::blocks

I receive these messages :
it’s about GL\glew.h:

…\libs\openFrameworks\utils\ofConstants.h|50|GL\glew.h: No such file or directory|
…\libs\openFrameworks\utils\ofConstants.h|51|GL\wglew.h: No such file or directory|
…\libs\openFrameworks\utils\ofDirectoryLister.h|28|warning: no newline at end of file|
…\libs\openFrameworks\utils\ofThread.h|4|ofTypes.h: No such file or directory|

indeed, code::blocks find nothing to compile.

I’m working on an example, i just opened it and compiled.
But it’s a new installation of code::blocks, and i (naturally) added those files “additions for code::blocks” freshly downloaded on the wiki.
and i don’t find the .h in code::block or Of folder

Please, what’s wrong ???

what version of OF are you using? (are you using OF from the downloads page?)

also, this is windows codeblocks?

I got it on gitHub, and this is Windows::codeblocks.

I finally find the files in the OF folders, but it doesn’t compile anyway…

At the moment, since we are doing some massive restructuring, it’s not a good idea to work against the GIT version of OF as some distributions like codeblocks might be out of date. That said, which example are you trying to compile? as far as I know, the core examples are good and working with CB / Win but addons examples are not updated yet.

take care,

Ok, fixed,

I go back to a clean setup:
I downloaded all (OF 0.062 + code::blocks) from the tutorial for setuping code::blocks and everything goes right now…

I think, I mixed OF from github and additions from standard… maybe, i don’t really remember.

Thx for help in my own OF way