Compile to raspberry pi - do I need a desktop or window manager

I’m starting the work on a video synth for the raspberry pi and PiSound. I am wondering when I cross compile for the rPi, do I need to load a whole set of desktop manager/window manager etc? What is the minimal system need? Only X ?

I won’t need the mouse or keyboard access to the project, only Midi in, Video in (from usb cam) and Audio In. I am well versed in Linux system, but new to openFramework.

If I recall correctly (for OF 0.10.1), no X window system is required. The scripts/linux/debian/ script should install nearly everything you need, with the companion script installing everything else.

You can read them here:

I’m curious about how 0.11.0 changed as it sounds like it uses the GLFW window system.

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Thanks! That is great, I assume it helps a lot to improve the speed and stability of an app compared to a windows or mac os box.