Compile OF locally

Hello, I know that this topic has been covered in the forum a lot of time, but as the library are not included anymore in the master branch, i was wondering if there are new instructions about how to compile OF locally.
Also, It would be nice to have them in the readme, or at least in the files.

I assume this post contains the info that I’m looking for, right?

ok, it was where it should be :slight_smile:

it would probably be useful to have an or something like that in docs or even in the root of the repo since a lot of people have trouble finding this at first

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Yes, I can make a PR as soon as I understand how to get it working. This is where I’m so far:
I’ve followed the steps explained here:

I’ve copied the Project Generator app from the zip downloaded from the OF website into apps/projectGenerator. The Project Generator’s Readme has instructions about how to build it, but I was to lazy.
I’ve created the xcode project files for all the examples like @theo was explaining here How do I build from source?

And then I’ve run some examples, to check if everything was ok, and it was actually.

My question is, let’s say that I’m working on a PR on a feature branch locally, to add some methods to the of3dPrimitives class, and I want to test that methods in one of the example contained in the examples folder, what should I do?

I’m still stuck here. Are there any particular instructions that I should follow to compile the examples with in a feature branch?

not sure i understand what’s the problem, the examples should compile no matter in which branch you are

I’ve added a new method to the of3DPrimitives class, than I’ve compiled the examples with the project generator. I’m expecting to be able to use this method in one of the example app, I’m assuming that compiling all the examples with the project generator also compiles OF at the beginning.

yeah if you change anything in OF itself and then compile an example it’ll recompile the necessary bits in OF too