Compile OF for minGW 4.8+

so I need to use <thread> (and maybe also <regex>). None of them is supported by the minGW version (4.7.1!) delivered with codeblocks.

I installed minGW 4.9 and tried to compile my app. I ran into a bunch of complex errors, I realized that some of them are caused by the pre-compiled libraries of OF.

So I want to compile all the OF libraries with minGW 4.9 is there anywhere a tutorial on how to do this?

I’m a bit worried about my project, so any help will be highly appreciated.


you need c++11 support for that, which is still not supported in OF. the master branch in github has partial support for c++11 but it’s not activated yet in windows codeblocks, you could use visual studio or try to add the -std=c++11 flag to the compiler which will allow you to use c++11 headers like <thread>


Just after posting this I discovered ofThread. Whoever implemented it is an angel and a genius.

And in case anyone needs to use cin.getline with openframeworks: wrap it in a ofThread class and all your nightmares will be gone.

OF rocks


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I’d be up for helping get MinGW 4.8+ wrapped up in a nice toolchain. I recently did it for 4.7.1 to make compiling 3rd party libs and running ofSketch on windows. Here’s the example and instructions. If you want to make something similar, I’m sure people would appreciate it :smile: