Compile errors, building Win/MinGW/CodeBlocks of Nightly v20151016?

I use CodeBlocks 12.11, but at the moment, I replaced its toolchain executables (compiler) to refer to mingw-w64\i686-4.9.3-posix-dwarf-rt_v4-rev1\mingw32, which is to say, g++ version 4.9.3. Otherwise, I also use a git-bash.exe shell. I tried the following experiment:

I looked at the current page, and got the latest Nightly from there, 16 Oct 2015 version:

ls of_v20151016_win_cb_release/scripts/templates/win_cb/emptyExample.*

Inside CodeBlocks, I open the emptyExample.workspace last listed, so the openFrameworks library can be automatically built on first build of emptyExample. Before I can start building though, I must do this:

mkdir of_v20151016_win_cb_release/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/lib/win_cb

With this in place, I run Build for the emptyExample project in CodeBlocks (in Release), which triggers the build of the openFrameworks library - which does not build succesfully, but instead fails with:

..\..\..\openFrameworks\utils/ofConstants.h:100:22: fatal error: GL/glew.h: No such file or directory
  #include "GL/glew.h"
compilation terminated.

Note that glew.h for some reason is not in this release at all - while it used to be in previous Nightly releases:

$ find of_v20151016_win_cb_release -iname glew.h

$ find of_v20150422_win_cb_release -iname glew.h

So - what would be the correct procedure, to build this example without the compile error?

Hi, we are going to drop codeblocks on this next release. the default IDE on windows with mingw will be qtcreator + msys2. there’s no instructions on how to install it yet though

Thanks for that @arturo - I was really otherwise puzzled why things don’t work; now that I know there is this kind of change coming up, it makes sense why… Though I still wish it just worked with whatever I’ve set up until now :) Cheers!