Compile Error on Github Master Linux64

Tried to compile the latest oF from github. All codecs and dependencies installed correctly, but when I went to compile it complained about glm not being found, nor ofGstUtils or ofGstVideoPlayer.

Edit: Oops I didn’t realize the build was current failing. Sorry about this.

you need to download the libraries first if you are using OF from github, there’s an specific readme in the docs folder that explains how to use OF from git

Ah, thanks Arturo.

Edit: @arturo, I’ve gotta openFrameworks compile from Github, thanks again. However when I try to compile the projectGenerator it fails because it can’t find Poco/Util/Application.h. I copied the projectGenerator from a different oF distribution like the readme said.

Wasn’t POCO removed recently?

I have a question. If I can get this to work, will I be able to compile any platform from this installation?