compile and send app to someone else


i am not really sure if this related to OF or Xcode

but i was wondering ,

how can i send the app i m working on to a friend for him to test it ?

he doesn t have a developer iphone

but i know that his programmer (but it s done with objectif c) is sharing their project together and he can run it on is iphone to test his design

is it possible to do the same with OF ?

does compiling mean the same thing as building ?



The Apple way to do it is via distribution profiles - check out…-dex.action (you’ll need to log in to view).

I had to set one up to submit my app to Apple and though the process was complex and unintuitive, if you follow Apple’s instructions to the letter, then it works fine.

[quote author=“LineKernel”]and
does compiling mean the same thing as building ?
No, compiling is just one part of the build process. Usually building = compiling + linking. In XCode there’s a separate command for just compiling if you want to quickly check that your code compiles without going through the longer process of subsequent linking and generating the target.

Edit: that’s the strict definition, in practice many people use “compile” and “build” interchangeably :wink:

hi Gwydion

thank you for those infos

the link is broken

but now i know what to look for , so i ll be looking for “distribution profiles”

i ll post a fresh link if i find anything

thank you

i found good info about screenshot
and managing digital identities

at the end of this page…-ities.html

i found
as you said ,
it is something you learn how to do during the releasing process…-tions.html

release looks quite difficult finally