Compilation Problem on OSX

I cann’t compile Open frameworks with c++11. It works with c++98 but if I choose -std=c++11 and libc++ i become errors in relationship with the smart pointers (file types/ofTypes.h). The smart pointers are not located any more in <tr1/memory>. I’m new on OF, I have to work with c++11 because I have another Software (wrote in c++11 style) that I have to use in combination with OF. Could me please someone telll me how i should do, or how i have to modify the source?
I’m working on OSX.10 (Yosemite) with Xcode 6.4

The only OSX oF versions that support c++11 are 0.9.0+. What version of openFrameworks are you using? If you aren’t using 0.9.0+, you can clone the master branch on github or get one of the 0.9.0 release candidate nightlies listed on the download page.

Many Thanks. I installed now the rc 0.90 and it works fine with c++11. I downloaded the OF 0.84 before.