Compilation of Screen Recorders (for Audio Reactive Visuals)

hello, this is my first topic.

How can I record Audio Reactive Visuals without jitter?

Can we make a compilation of screen recorders for openframeworks and examples of these recordings?

  • Using an external machine, screen recorders, other programs, ofxQTVideoSaver, grabScreen?



Software-wise on the Mac, Screenflick is the best I have used

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@jvcleave thank you very much, I will test Screenflick

Quicktime player can do screen recording, though I’ve had some problems when using external monitors/discrete graphics cards.

@pants thanks, I’ve recorded with QuickTime but the results have always been bad with sound,

also I can’t neither know or configure:

-compression for video; type of Codec, FrameRate=FPS, BitRate=kbit/s,
-compression for audio; type of Codec, DataRate=kbit /s, SampleRate=kHz

If you’re on Windows you can use Open Broadcaster Software which is design to stream live videos, but can also record videos to file, and is free.

@Mat thanks, I’m on Mac but never mind, all operating systems are welcome

I’ve been using ScreenFlow for a while now and can say it stands up to the pace of pretty much everything i throw at it. captures at 60fps too! ->

using bandicam on windows for opengl/directx windows, works great but its time limited demo.

@joshuabatty thanks, ScreenFlow now has two points

@Kj1 thanks for the contribution

This article is from the year 2009, explains how “Capturing Processing/OpenFrameworks sketches at high framerate and quality: Virtual DV over Firewire”


Hey did you reach any conclusions about what is good for this? It is something I am very interested in

hello Pant, the only conclusion I have reached is than with Screenflick get poorer results than with QuickTime.
Could you tell us something @NickHardeman


I can’t talk for windows options, but for osx the AVFoundation stuff is great. There’s a simple code sample on the Apple developers site which shows how to do screen capture to video file - .

I wrapped it up to make it more OF friendly here- I still need to add audio, but for screen capture on osx it’s as fast as it gets.

@trentbrooks thanks for your answer, but we need to capture the audio

@Lotte yeah I haven’t wrapped the audio part in, but it’s pretty easy with AVFoundation. You just add another input to the session. eg.

AVCaptureDevice *audioDevice = [AVCaptureDevice defaultDeviceWithMediaType:AVMediaTypeAudio];
AVCaptureDeviceInput * audioInput = [AVCaptureDeviceInput deviceInputWithDevice:audioDevice error:nil];
if ([mSession canAddInput:audioInput])
    [mSession addInput:audioInput];

@trentbrooks, I wish it was pretty easy, but I’m newbie with programming, can anyone help implement this?

Sure - i just added an audio example to the addon

For capturing the ‘system audio’, as opposed to a microphone input, it works the same as Screenflick. You need to install the audio plugin SoundFlower, then change your input and output sound devices in System Preferences to reroute the audio. Links are in the addon.

@trentbrooks many thanks!, I’ll try for my next project, all the best!