Compatible (Firewire) Camcorders

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I’m developing a video grabbing application, of course, with OF! My app needs an approximately fixed frame rate recording device, so firstly, I tried to use an old Logitech Quickcam, but since (the quality and) the frame rate was (very low and) been depending from light condition and so on, I decided to look for a camcorder. Is there a list of the camcorder that are fully compatible with OF, or does every camcorder work fine? Is the DV Firewire output needed, or can USB be used to directly capture video on a PC? Thanks in advance,


I’ve found this page on the web. There is a huge list of firewire cameras.

DV is totally different to ieee1394 (firewire), even though both use firewire cables.
OF typically uses firewire cables for DV cameras I think, not sure that DV over usb is supported. However you can try and see if it works. Almost all DV cameras should be supported, although you may have problems with HDV…not sure about the latter.

Thanks for you suggestions, and the camera list.

grimus, you’re right: Digital Video is a video format, while firewire is just the typical DV connectivity medium, isn’t it? Anyway, I read that USB2 is almost only used by camcorders to capture still images. That’s the cause of my question.

Not quite…DV is a video format, but the protocol used by DV cameras to transfer video over firewire is not the same as other “regular” firewire devices, even though the cable is identical.
USB may be used by camcorders to capture stills, just like regular digital cameras…not sure if this includes video though.

In fact, I don’t think the USB connection supports the direct PC capture. What about these cameras? Did anyone use them?

-) JVC Everio GZ-HD3
-) Canon LEGRIA HV40

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