compatibility issues ?


I am developing a work that runs ok in my computer. the thing is I build it and send it (the files in the /bin of my project) to a friend and he could not run my app… I then rebuilt using 10.5 SDK and 32b inter architecture and he reported that he could run it - but the application would quit with no apparent reason suddenly from time to time… In my machine it works just fine…

I am on 10.6.7 and he is on 10.5.

I have been commissioned a project and I am working on this at the moment with openFrameworks - then a number of questions arise as I am fairly inexperienced with both xCode and c++ for such big projects.

How can I make binaries that would work on all other macs (or at least 10.5/10.6) ?? Will I be able to make easy windows binaries as well ?? do I need to adjust my code or it is just a matter of compiling with the right settings ??

It is crucial that this program runs properly everywhere, maybe I should consider doing that with processing - but I would prefer working with openFrameworks if possible…