communicating to arduino BT (bluetooth)

Hi I have been working on a project using the standard firmata, based on the firmataExample code to communicate to an Arduino, which works fine. But I switched to Arduino BT for a project and now I am having problems. I made sure to upload the StandardFirmata with a baudrate of 115200 and connect within OF using:

ard.connect("/dev/cu.ARDUINOBT-BluetoothSeri", 115200);  

But now I have two problems:
I am not getting a response from EInitialized saying my arduino has been setup.
I am able to send signal via the digital pins, but at a very slow response.

Does anyone have any ideas about this? Any help would be much appreciated!

Ok I tried ignoring the EInitialized message which is triggered when the firmware version is received upon connect:

ofAddListener(ard.EInitialized, this, &testApp::setupArduino);  

the setupArduino function was before setting the pin modes. So I just did that manually without waiting for being initialized. Now I am at least getting a response from all the pins. But the big problem is the lag, although this is now a better than before. I heard there may be issues with the responsiveness of arduino bt because of the high baud rate of 115200. Can anyone confirm this, or know of a way to improve the responsiveness? This poor responsiveness has got to go!

Any help much appreciated…

Well we ditched the arduino BT and went with a different solution using the usb arduino. My best guess is that it is the high baud rate speed that is causing the bad connection. Unless there is some trick that I couldn’t figure out, I’d recommend not using the Arduino BT with OF if you are trying to do any kind of precise timing or actuating.