Communicating between arduino and openFrameworks with OSC

I’m currently attempting to get a live stream of data from a piezo electric mic hooked up to Arduino into openFramework to create a type of instrument. I need to send a buffer input from arduino to openFrameworks. Currently OSC seems like the best method to do so. Is this true?

I’m having difficulty getting any OSC communication between the two. does anyone have good resources or tutorials for this type of thing? Or suggestions of an easier method?

Most of the examples on the arduino side are for Max/MSP or PD and I’m not understanding the ofXOSC example fully.

OSC is just the communication spec; you would still have to send it over a physical channel (such as ethernet/wifi, via a shield), or over the USB-serial port (this is how you program and get data/to and from an Arduino connected directly to a computer). The latter would require you to a.)have the right sketch running on the Arduino that implements the OSC spec (such as oscuino) and an oF app that opens the serial port and parses it correctly.

The built in ofxOSC examples expect a network channel, so unless you have a networking OSC implementation (with the appropriate hardware) on the Arduino, you’ll have to look at a serial implementation.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask for any further clarification :slight_smile: