Command + F , how to handle it

Until 0.9.8 this piece of code would work

	if (key == 'f') {
		if (ofGetKeyPressed(OF_KEY_COMMAND)) {

but now in 0.10.0 it doesn’t fire event.
I’ve tried to use

void keyPressed(ofKeyEventArgs & key);

and check for modifier but I think I’m just doing it wrong.

Any ideas of how to handle COMMAND + any key?
Thank you

Just a quick thought, since I’ve done something similar once.
Create a bool for the CMD-button-state, and simply toggle it anytime you press/release command.
Then you check the bool when ‘f’ is pressed.

        case OF_KEY_COMMAND:
            bCommandPressed = true;
        case 'f':

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Heyy thank you I’ll test it right now.
I was trying something like this:

	if (key.key == 'f' && key.hasModifier(OF_KEY_COMMAND)) {

but I think modifier changes the value of the ‘key.key’ when command is pressed.
Thank you

Ah! Didn’t realize this is different than the basic keyPressed(int key) function.
I’ve tried it this way, and with std::cout << key.key << std::endl I saw it modified the value, when cmd is pressed. (f = 102, cmd+f = 6)
So another way could be

    case 6:

Assuming no other key-combinations result in 6… Cheers!

Yeah I’m arrived at the same conclusion here. I’m afraid if this 6 can appear in other key sequences.

I’m kinda confused because even using void ofApp::keyPressed(int key) the key value is modified by command key in 0.10.0 (different thing in 0.9.8)

@arturo if you have the time bring us some light (command + light) to the issue

Maybe this is related, I assumed I had found a bug with modifier keys in the current release.
Putting this code in keypressed() prints both couts when I hit the command key. Something changed for sure.

keyPressed(int key){
    if (key == OF_KEY_COMMAND) {
        cout<<"got the command key" << endl;
    if (key != OF_KEY_COMMAND) {
        cout<<"got another key" << endl;