Coming from processing: FFT in oF?

I’ve using Processing with the Ess library to grab real-time FFT. I found it nice and simple to use, but unfortunately Java support on OS X is terrible. My biggest issue was that the Ess library was refusing to grab audio from the Line In port on my MacBook Pro. This is what the dev who wrote it said to me:

Unfortunately on the Mac JavaSound is pretty messed up, and it doesn’t pay attention to the current input device. In fact you can’t even ask for a mic (or line, or whatever), you can only ask for the ‘next available device’ with no clue as to what that might be. When I was developing Ess it looked like this would eventually be fixed, but now Apple is abandoning Java for all intents and purposes, and Sun hasn’t updated JavaSound in ages, so it doesn’t look too promising.

I’ve been doing some searching in google for some oF alternatives to Ess with mixed success. I’m not very experienced with the complexities of C++, so I’m having a hard time deciphering anything I find. Is there a library out there that I can use for FFT? I’ve found Aubio through this blog-post, but I’ve got no idea how to use it. I’m really am out of my depth here. Bearing in mind that I’ve been molly-coddled by the Processing IDE, are there any libraries or tutorials out there that could help me out?

The link below is about the topic, and I also think there is an example dealing with your request. Look at the examples that came with of, and look for “audioOutputExample” ……-oundPlayer

Ahh - I’ve got this one to work:±kiss-fft-wrapper/2184/0

In Xcode I got an error about malloc.h, but a quick-google-search gave me an answer. You change

#include <malloc.h>  

in kiss_fft.h to

#include <malloc/malloc.h>  

Hope this helps anybody! I’ll post the fix on that thread as well.