I have a system that is ping-ponging FBOs as an effects processing pipeline. One of the effects is from Kyle Mcdonald’s ofxCv addon. Here is the link to the code; it is the non-shader version of flow distort. The code seems to work when the FBO textureTarget is set to the GLenum GL_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE_ARB.

A bunch of the other effects are shaders which make use of OpenGL 3.2. These seem to work with FBOs with the texture target GL_TEXTURE_2D.

Is there any way to convert between the two, at runtime? I would be appreciative of any pointers in the right direction! I get the gist that ARB should be avoided where possible, but I’ve been struggling to understand what it is really!

Thanks for your time

Did you figure this out? Also trying to work this out…

Afraid not! Other things have since been prioritised, but if anyone knows more about this problem it would be great to scratch that programmatic itch

So (this might be obvious to you) but I think the solution may be that there is no ‘solution’:

So I my ‘solution’ to my particular problem was to make sure I am using the same texture type throughout the project. You can ensure that when you create textures they are of a certain type by declaring ofDisableArbTex() or ofEnableArbTex() before you start declaring your textures.

But yeah with your problem, and the FBOs. I think what your doing is right… Have you tried also setting the internal format on the fbo setting to GL_RGBA16F_AR?