Combining adjacent LIDAR points into single object similar to TUIO blob?

Hello everyone,

I’m working with an A1 RPLidar from Slamtec and this ofxRPlidar add-on. My use case is to capture multiple touch points across a large wall projection and eventually to detect bodies for a floor projection.

The example in this add-on draws a circle at each point the sensor registers an object. Since this unit has 1 degree of angular resolution, the array holding the points has 360 points at most. I’m wondering how to take a grouping of points that are adjacent to each other and combine them into a single data object. For example a hand can consist of maybe 6 data points that all represent the same hand. I’d love to have a single data object to reference that hand and work with instead of 6. Something similar to what I’m looking for would be a TUIO blob, which has both position and a scale/size.

Ideally, there would be a min size variable where if there are less than x amount of points in a group it ignores them.

Thanks in advance for any advice or directions someone can point me.