Colour texture glitch

I’ve been learning some basics from the examples provided with OF and while learning how to create coloured textures i copied the code into another project. It was all working well and the colours were appearing as i expected but then it just turned into this: (see attached picture).

It seems to be a shot from elsewhere on the screen. The only thing i altered was the colour values to create a different colour.

I’ve quit and reopened and also tried deleting and retyping the text but it doesn’t seem to go away.

Anyone else experienced this? know how to resolve it?



![]( 1.png)

can you post code?

if you are seeing a glitchy texture, it could be that you’ve made a texture object but not uploaded data into it (and so it’s displaying what ever it has in memory, which could be garbage… pixels from elsewhere on the screen, etc).

take care,