Colortracking addon errors?

**Hello guys!

I have been playing around with this tutorial:…-r-Tracking

My problem is everytime I compile, I get these addon errors:…-rorow2.png

My project management looks like this:…-entuc5.png

And the linker and search setup for that project looks like this:…-tupsu4.png…-up2ez8.png

I really hope that someone can help me :smiley: Btw if someone can also explain me, how to add addons (the one with the blue folder) in the way it’s shown in this tutorial:…-ing-addons

Cheers bassd**


the simplest option for now is to duplicate the “allAddons” example from apps/addonExamples in the CB 0.05 FAT package. You can see the readme text file in the download to see how to rename the project file, etc. Then, you should be able to plug in the code from the tutorial and the vectorMath and opencv addons will be installed.

can you let me know if that works for you?

take care!!

**Hey zach!
Thx for your fast reply. I’m not sure what you mean by duplicate the “allAddons” from apps/addonExamples in the CB 0.05 Fat package? Where should I place them? The thing is that I have downloaded the CB 0.05 FAT package and extracted it to this path: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Dokumenter\Openframeworks CB. Moreover I have used the emtpyExample and made a copy of it, then renamed it to another name, just as stated in the readme.txt file. After that I have followed the colortracking wiki tutorial, but it seems like that I’m missing something I can’t figure what is? Maybe I have misunderstood the part, where I should add ofxVectorMath to my project, because I really can’t seem to add the ofxVectorMath as a blue folder :(!


then it would be :

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Dokumenter\Openframeworks CB\apps\addonsExamples\allTestExample

in the same way you did for the empty example (duplicate the folder, rename, etc) do that with this one.

the important thing to note is that the cbproj files for the “addons” examples have additional libraries included in them, so that they addons will just work (otherwise you have to install). The all addons example has every addon ready to go, so you can just use that cbproj with the code you want to compile and it should work.

hope that helps!
take care,

**Hi again, now I only have one error and that is:…-rorjo4.png

Maybe I should have pasted the block of codes (lines 35-49) somewhere else?

Btw thanks a lot for your super fast replies :slight_smile:

Cheers bassd**

you are missing the color define here:

“Le testApp.h and You”


#include "ofAddons.h"  
#include "ofMain.h"  
class color  
        float hue, sat;  
        ofxVec2f pos;  

that should do it – if not, I can take a look

take care!!

edit - gestalt is right, it’s there but too low

As far as I can see on the picture, you put the class declaration on the bottom of the file and not as described in the wiki, on top, so the compiler doesn’t know the type color, as he tells us in the error message.
You should cut out the definition of the color class from the bottom and paste it on top of the same file (look at the first code block in the wiki!)

hope that helps and sorry for my english,

**Thx guys! you just have saved my nite :smiley:

cheers bassd**