Id like to see some colorMode options added. I’d especially like to have HSB colorMode added and the option to put colorMode maxima. So that you could for example put RGB color Mode to (1.0, 1.0, 1.0) for better openGL usage.

I am really loving it so far!


Hey Moka,

I agree a ofSetHSVColor or some sort of color mode switch would be nice.
Will put it on our list :slight_smile:

Coincidentally someone just posted a hsv set color function:


i wrote a class that stores both RGB and HSV values private and uses similar RGB->HSV / HSV->RGB conversion functions, calling each whenever the opposite color information is updated…


void MColor::incBlue(float $num){
_blue += $num;

this way, your color always has correct RGB and HSV values at all times able to be queried and changed at will. want to bump something’s red value, then next line drop its saturation? no problem.

there are of course some sacrifices made with this approach (setters and getters instead of direct variable value adjustment, but hey maybe you like that), but it has proven a very useful way to access both types of color spaces.

let me know if you have any questions or want some code