Color Picker

hey ya’ll,

i needed to have more control over interpolating color values at runtime so i’ve created a colour picker with a couple interpolation modes.

its basically a replica of the colour picker that comes with leopard on the mac.

at the moment,

  1. you can click anywhere on the color spectrum and select your color - standard.
  2. theres circular color mode - so you can program it to rotate through the color spectrum with adjustable speed and oscillation.
  3. also added random walk which randomly traverses the color spectrum.

i’ve used memo’s ofxMSAInteractiveObject for UI control.
although it can be very easily swapped out if it ever needs to go into another UI library.



thats awesome! just make it extend ofBaseDraws (so it has a draw(x,y,w,h) and getWidth() and getHeight()) and you can add it to ofxSimpleGuiToo with ui.addContent(…)

Holy crap I love it - nice work.

hey guys, got a new version of the colour picker.
the big change after a little reverse engineering is that you now can set the colour through setColor() rather then having to manually select it yourself, so this will allow you to store colour settings for later use.

it now extends ofBaseDraws and you can add it to ofxSimpleGuiToo but its screwing up with the rendering… will have to look at that some other time.

let me know how you go with it and if there are any problems.



new version of ofxColorPicker + example.

had to get it working on the iphone so i took the opportunity to give a real good clean.
refactored the entire way it draws itself, caching a lot of data to optimise on performance.
it now resizes correctly to any width and height you set it to.


ofxColorPicker has been updated for 007 and can be found on github including example,

Thanks julapy!
I can’t make it work in last 0071 version (xcode 4.3.2 & 10.7.3) .
Should it work here? or it works only in 007?

Anyone knows if there’s another color picker like this one?

Moebiussurfing: the ofxColorpicker example is working great on my macbook pro with OF .0071 osx 10.7.4 and Xcode 4.2.1.

Julapy: However, when I insert it into ofxSimpleGUIToo as explained by Memo earlier in the thread, the interface is drawn but it doesn’t respond at all. Have you gotten this to work ? Here’a a snippet of my testApp.cpp:

#include "testApp.h"  
#include "ofxSimpleGuiToo.h"  
void testApp::setup(){  
    gui.addContent("Color", colorPicker);;     
void testApp::update(){  
void testApp::draw(){  

#include “ofxColorPicker.h” occurs in my testApp.h