Color+Depth+Skeleton from a Kinect on OSX?

I have a big issue!

I have a project where I need the color, depth, and skeleton data from a kinect. It seems like there are a lot of ways to do this with addons that use the Kinect SDK which is Windows only, which would be fine, but there’s another part of the project that is OSX only and it wouldn’t be feasible to port it to windows, so I’m sort of locked to OSX.

Would it be possible to send all that data over OSC?

What’s the best course of action here?


If you’re using Kinect v1 or Primesense sensors, you can use either

depending on your sensor. Streaming video over osc is not feasible, but there is something like

but it probably doesn’t support skeletal tracking.

Found a solution - thanks !!

Please share :smiley:

I’ll be using ofxOpenNI; it gives me exactly what I needed (color+depth+skeleton all at once). I was also able to find a version that doesn’t require you to do the cactus pose to start skeleton tracking which is nice: