Collection of user examples


This is a collection of examples by the community. I have not tested them and maybe they won’t work with the current openFrameworks version.
I’m sure that there are more. So please post any links in this thread and I’ll try to update.


Or maybe just start with a sticky topic where people can post whatever they do / find.

[EDIT] Looks like sticky topics don’t exist anymore. :slight_smile: So just post stuff here


Strange that github does not provide something like “groups” option…
if this was going to grow big it would be a nightmare to search one by one…
is there any way to search from starred or create groups in github?


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@underdoeg I pinned, renamed, and moved the topic to the examples category. :wink:


Cool. I’ll update my original post if something new gets posted in here.


This basic examples from one of Arturo’s workshop helped me a lot to fully understand basic openGL objects in OF so I decided to collect them here:


thanks, added to the first post


here’s some projects from classes I teach:


Here is OF workshop’s examples:


examples used in CLOUDS