Collection of Generative Typography code examples for OpenFrameworks

Hey everyone,

Last year I wrote this tutorial for CreativeApplications about Generative Typography with Processing. As a way of learning openFrameworks I’ve been porting all those code examples. My goal was to achieve a visually identical result. I must say overall I am happy with the results! :smile:

I think these code examples may be useful for people who are learning openFrameworks. In particular those coming from Processing, as they can see what the underlying code, that achieves the same result, looks like in these respective frameworks. Besides the educational aspect, the examples are of course also interesting given the range of topics that are covered in them, such as: aggregate drawing, circle-packing, flowfields, voronoi, gradients, multisampling, particles systems, reaction-diffusion and pdf export.

You can find all the examples and instructions on how to run them on GitHub:

Have fun and happy creative coding!

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Very useful examples :thumbsup:
Thank you @amnon

Thank you so much. These will be useful!