[COLLABORATION] Animation of the city, controlling the traffic.

I am London based animator & motion-grapher. I just developed a fully alive animated city, and I am wondering how amazing it would be to control the traffic, pedestrians, weather etc. I would like to collaborate with someone who enjoys coding, interaction and who would like to experiment with creating crazy moving images.
I am studying Interactive Moving Image and I am learning slowly software called MAX MSP, however I am not as good, as I need to brings my ideas to life. My strengths are definitely focused around visual and let’s say ideological aspect of the creation - after effects, filming, drawing, animating, inventing, imagining, creating solutions.

I am interested in creating interactive stuff, helping each others, and what’s highly possible - in creating real projects for money. So far it’s all about learning and exploring possibilities that comes with combining my interests with good coding/hacking.

If some one is interested in collaboration and in what I can do, please send me an email on: me@maciekjanicki.com
or you can visit website of our art collective: www.dipshitlondon.com ( but it’s more focused around illustration )

and I almost forgot, this is the cartoon city ( I have all the objects separated, with preserved alpha channel )

Let me know if you’re interested