Coherent line drawing - auto frank miller style



i’ve seen that ->
grabbed the code and made that:


This is an excellent tool for me because I do a lot of tracing of projected images on canvas, and I waste a lot of time in Photoshop getting color images down to black and white images I can sketch quickly in charcoal.

Thank you!




nice,like comic book!


i just have so much fun with this…


why is this post gone?


Nice effect :slight_smile:


see this paper -> for more images, settings, explanations.



ascorbin, could you please make available again.
I’m paddling with the code from Kang.
I’m hoping to get your version working, but it is not there anymore.

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This is so great!
I now have a project that should use this technique, could you plz share the code or give some tips about how to use the source code from the author? it would help me a lot, thanks!


i don’t know how to load input image into an imatrix