Coding in NYC (or remote): Image Processing + Hardware fun

I’m working on a paying project and I’m looking for a coder to work with who is interested in image processing / manipulation (I was hoping to dabble a bit with openCL but that’s not really a requirement), as well as some hardware interaction. The plan is to use openFrameworks as the core and add anything like openCL/openGL/etc if need be. Bonus points if you’re already into color theory / color spaces / photography in general.

So you know here I’m coming from: This is my first post, but I’ve been a OF forum lurker for a while now. (and I was part of the Eyebeam Visual Music Collaborative which Zach was kind enough to speak at) I’m a photographer and I like to push image manipulation / color manipulation pretty far and I’m looking to take it further via self-made/custom tools. I conceptually understand a lot of how image manipulation works in c++, I’m just too slow/inexperienced of a programmer to implement it well. I’m looking for someone who can collaboratively make some cool stuff happen, with a high degree of polish in the work.

It would work best if the programmer was local to NYC because I have some custom hardware, although working remotely is possible as well. If you’re interested and want to know more, send me a private message.

Can I suggest you also post it on CAN: